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At OTL we recognise the need to ensure all Hydrocarbon decontamination operations are carried out in a timely and environmentally proactive manner as referenced in the decom award approval. It is imperative that all products applied during any hydrocarbon decontamination process do not have an adverse environmental impact whether this be on or offshore operations.

For offshore operations all our products conform too and are approved/registered on the OCNS/Cefas tables as Gold Standard products.

The same products can be applied onshore especially in sensitive marine/environmental areas and our Bio remediation (Hydrocarbon staining or soil remediation), products are "Non Bio Accumulative" so there will be no adverse impact on our Eco System.

Given all of the above, we are also aware of the need for cost savings and minimum down time requirements, therefore we stand by our commitment to be competitive but not at the expense of quality or timed deliveries.

A range of effective degreasing and solvent chemicals designed and registered for use offshore. All of which are manufactured by ourselves and  are OCNS Registered as Gold Standard.

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