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Heerema Marine Contractors (HMC) brings more than 50 years of specialized skills to the offshore oil and gas industry. HMC transports, installs, and removes all types of offshore facilities, including fixed and floating structures in shallow, deep, and ultra-deep waters. Heerema operates its own fleet of formidable heavy lift vessels as well as a large number of transportation barges and tugs. This provides us with access to the most suitable assets for complex offshore removal operations in the harshest of environments. The introduction of SSCV Sleipnir in 2019 will expand the offshore capabilities that we can draw on to deliver cost effective and smooth removal operations.

Success in complex decommissioning projects demands more than having access to the best available assets. Successful EPRD projects also demand that contractors truly know what to do and what to expect. This requires experienced, dedicated people. Our decommissioning teams have the passion and expertise needed to plan, execute and finish decommissioning projects incident-free and according to plan. They have the proactive ability to mitigate unforeseen issues before they become a problem. Their collaborative approach ensures alignment on all timeline, technical, safety and environmental matters. And, they have the project management experience to run smooth, stable operations in any environment across the globe.

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