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Gulfstream Services Inc. was established in 1978 providing equipment and personnel to the global Oil and Gas community.

Versatile product lines allow Gulfstream to function in all aspects from well bore drilling, through the life of a producing well, to the decommissioning of idle iron. Product lines include in line cementing heads, high pressure temporary piping, wire line pressure control equipment, hydraulic shears and hydraulic grapples. Development of the Hydraulic Shear and Grapple Division in 2004 has proven efficient logging in excess of 6,000 combined cuts from the Gulf of Mexico to the North Sea. Experienced support from the Aberdeen and Houma La USA locations are provided in the form of certified technicians and 26 total hydraulic tools ranging in size, function and capability. Powered by conventional topside hydraulics for shallow water or a subsea power source for deepwater, most shear cuts are made within 4 minutes of reaching the targeted area with zero consumables. Debris removal grapples and excavation grapples are powered in the same manner. The Gulfstream Service Inc. management team members are experienced in the development of safe, cost effective, efficient cut plan. 

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