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Stanley LaBounty has developed a range of products for the off-shore oil & gas industry which have been designed specifically for underwater hanging applications where positioning, handling and cutting of offshore rig platforms, pipelines and bundles is required.

The development of Stanley LaBounty products for decommissioning include the OCC offshore conductor cutter for processing single and multi-string conductor pipe, the OSS off-shore shear for cutting pipe and structural steel and the OSG off-shore grapple for handling and carrying debris to the surface for removal.

LaBounty also offers the MSD shear, where oil rigs and offshore structures have been brought ashore for recycling on the docks.

Whatever metal and pipe-recycling requirement both off-shore and on-shore Stanley LaBounty has the equipment for you. These products are highly custom-engineered to meet stringent requirements.

LaBounty OSS & MSD shears bring unmatched speed and safety to this unique and challenging environment. 

These LaBounty products are all available to North Sea clients through their UK distribution partner ECY Haulmark Limited

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