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Astrimar is an independent engineering consultancy specialising in Reliability, Integrity Assurance and Technical Risk Management.  Our highly trained team are experts in the areas of technical risk, integrity management, reliability engineering, and technology qualification assurance in the oil and gas, and the wider energy industry.

Our consultants have many years' experience supporting a variety of development projects and operating assets, technology development projects and supporting assets into late life operations. We have also built a strong capability in supporting the technology decisions and risk management for plugging, abandonment and decommissioning.

For Late Life and Life Extension Integrity, Astrimar uses our in-house predictive IM software, pRIOriti-AIM, to assess each critical failure mode and potential management and mitigation strategies through an understanding of the risk-based cost-benefit of inspection and maintenance options.  Evaluation of ongoing degradation and the need for minimum residual integrity to facilitate decommissioning play an important part in the analysis. 

In planning for decommissioning, Astrimar utilise best practice methods to evaluate the technical risks associated with different decommissioning options, including the use of Technical Risk Categorization, Fault Trees and Event Trees, to support risk-based decision making and option selection.  Developing a robust understanding of the selected decommissioning process and the potential failure modes that may occur through the implementation of the decommissioning program, is a core activity based on reliability engineering principles. This rigorous evaluation provides assurance of risk management through the decommissioning process.

Astrimar has been working alongside Rawwater, a developer of Bismuth Alloys for well P&A. The performance and life requirements as stipulated by OGUK go beyond what can be qualified in simple lab or factory qualification tests.  Astrimar has developed STEM-flow, a model-based approach, which is enabling the prediction of the life and sealing performance of the plugs.  The predictive software uses a pragmatic experiment based modelling approach, using the results of Bi Alloy material qualification tests. This supports the qualification of the bismuth alloys for well P&A applications.  

The STEM-flow approach can be applied to any new or existing plugging technology, including cement plugs. The modelling is being used to support risk assessment of Well P&A design for both new and conventional plug materials.

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