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Astrimar is an independent engineering consultancy specialising in Reliability, Integrity, Technical Risk Management, and Technology Qualification assurance in the oil and gas industry, including wide experience with field development and technology projects, asset IM in operations and late life operations, as well as technology decisions and risk management for plugging and abandonment. Astrimar has an established track record supporting operator well P&A design decisions and ALARP justification to the regulator. Many wells to be decommissioned will have challenges requiring designs that deviate from those specified in industry guidelines or require new plugging technologies and processes. For these wells, a quantified or semi-quantified risk assessment is fundamental to demonstrating risk acceptance.
Astrimar’s well P&A risk assessment and assurance process follows industry guidelines, systematically and comparatively evaluating well barrier designs for their potential risk and associated uncertainties. Our STEM-flow software can be used to predict life and sealing performance of plugs for P&A design and novel technologies, while reliability analysis tools such as FTA and ETA are also used to support risk-based decision making.

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