Maersk Training Houston has entered into a new training partnership with bp Houma Operations Learning Center (HOLC) to develop the next generation of oilfield workers in the Gulf of Mexico.
Training will take place in person, online and using simulators, and will be delivered according to industry and regulatory standards. The bp Houma Operations Learning Center is known for its cutting-edge technology, such as an augmented reality “igloo” and an immersive crane simulator.

“HOLC represents an exciting new chapter for Maersk Training,” Matt Roberts, Interim Managing Director for Maersk Training Americas, said. “By partnering with one of the largest operators in the Gulf of Mexico, we aim to create an environment to innovate and challenge the workforce of tomorrow. Without innovation, there is stagnation, which leads to decline and mediocre safety culture. We look forward to delivering essential safety, crane and well control training to all operators, drilling contractors and service companies in the region.”
Maersk Training and bp have worked together extensively in the past on a broad range of projects including customized training courses, organizational change management and leadership development. This new partnership looks to expand on this relationship to further enhance the safety culture of both companies.

“bp is excited about this new chapter,” said Kalaan Vander Hamm, bp’s Learning Delivery Manager, Gulf of Mexico, Trinidad and Tobago, Wind and HOLC. “HOLC opened in 2009 to increase local training and strengthen bp’s connection to the Houma region. bp remains committed to partnering with local communities and educational providers on safety training and looks forward to working with Maersk Training on future initiatives, including process training and front-line leadership.”
Maersk Training will offer industry-leading training on Crew Resource Management (CRM) skills, which focuses on how to effectively communicate information in high-risk industries. This is the same training that astronauts, pilots and surgical teams go through.

This CRM training will complement basic safety courses, emergency management, crane training, process training and leadership development courses.
With technology playing a critical role in the development of employees, both companies recognize the considerable advantages of teaming up to develop new content and training programs.
Tyler Hamm, Maersk Training’s Head of Commercial for the Americas added: “This new Maersk Training – bp HOLC partnership enables us to broaden our safety and operational best practices reach to a wider scope of specialized workers in the oil and gas industry so they consistently achieve their safety and operational goals in demanding settings.”

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