J+S Subsea are honoured and delighted to be awarded the “Best Subsea Services & Solutions SME 2021” from 2021 Energy and Power Awards, proudly hosted by SME-News.

We are proud to share this news with all of you and our employees who have worked very hard to maintain the quality standards that J+S Subsea have become known for. It is due to the combined efforts of each one of our employees that we have managed to achieve this success. By winning this award, it recognises our employees' hard work and accomplishments, and it will enhance the employee morale and motivation. This award will set J+S Subsea apart from the competition and sends favourable signals to our customers.

What made the Energy and Power Award particularly satisfying is the ethos behind the awarding body. They acknowledge and celebrate global businesses that innovate, grow, and thrive despite challenges and uncertainty and we believe this truly reflects J+S Subsea.  Business Development Manager Lucinda Craig has stated the following “a great way of us leading the way is our Legacy locker resource. This realises the economic value of re-manufacturing, reuse and repurposing subsea equipment. In a competitive market, we will continue to provide responsive, safe and high-quality solutions in what has been a successful first year for J+S Subsea.”

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