Following their partnership earlier this year, CPower Energy and Atlas Copco Rental Europe have unveiled their revolutionary turnkey solution. With CPower’s expertise in planning and execution and Atlas Copco’s state-of-the-art equipment and global presence, the pair are set to further develop new solutions as the world hurtles towards Net Zero.

The complete turnkey solution is more robust and environmentally friendly than conventional options and offers a streamlined process providing a temporary power solution to the wind farms by allowing clients to source everything required in one place, including qualified personnel, service vessels and specialised build temporary power packages.

As part of the affiliation, Atlas Copco Rental Europe and CPower have developed a purpose-built temporary power package for offshore renewables with included globally predictive maintenance and service around the clock, fuel management, vessels and service crew ensuring superior operational performances and efficiency for maximum cost savings.

The power units consist of:

  • Offshore specs light weight diesel generators
  • Single 70kVA or in parallel 140kVA prime power available
  • Multi-voltage alternator 400-690V 50Hz or 480-690V 60Hz
  • Power Management module for increased flexibility
  • Lower fuel consumption and longer fuel autonomy
  • Integrated satellite & GPRS monitoring system
  • Offshore certified lifting frame ISO EN10855-1 or DNV2.7-1
  • Fully bunded fuel tank with 2,000 litre capacity

The power pack can be installed on the offshore asset as one combined unit (one lift solution) via an installation vessel or crane vessel and, if necessary, during mobilisation/demobilisation or rotation of the units from asset to asset. Each power unit can be easily split in to 4 units of less than 1000kg and lifted to and from a CTV via the foundation crane.
Another great benefit is the extremely good performance against transient inrusch currents, making it the ideal solution for heavy electrical motor starts as is the case for wind turbines.
It only takes one of the new generators to power the turbines currently on the market, which means one of the generators in the power pack will not be running and instead operate as a standby generator, which only starts up in case of an extraordinary demand. Overall, this will save a vast amount of fuel.

In this setup, the power pack will deliver a 100% backup solution. In case the primary generator stops, the secondary generator will start automatically and take over the load. The primary generator can then easily be prepared for service again or changed out if needed due to a safe, easy-to-use Plug&Play setup and the robust and light-weight nature of the generators.

The newly developed 70kVA parallel diesel generators are an excellent match for all types of wind power maintenance and commissioning work.
Paired with vessels and expert personnel, the complete solution will see CPower Energy manage all aspects of the service with ease, eliminating communication issues that arise from multiple suppliers working on one project.

CPower Managing Director, Peter Jorgensen, said: “After partnering with Atlas Copco, who have a valuable global presence, we are able to reach many more new customers with our revolutionary new solution.”

“Combining our expertise in planning and execution with their excellent capabilities in terms of R&D, equipment and visibility allows us to jointly offer this ground-breaking temporary power solution to clients as they gear up for Net Zero.”

“We’re delighted to work with the team at Atlas Copco and are looking forward to getting started on some really exciting projects in the future,” he concluded.

Michel Jasica, Manager for the Offshore North Sea region and Regional Manager for Nordic Countries, said: “By collaborating with pioneers and trailblazers in the offshore green energy industry, Atlas Copco Rental Europe is committed to supplying specialised temporary solutions, like our Power Pack, that decrease operational costs, footprint, and emissions while at the same time increasing efficiency and safety.”

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