John Lawrie Decom has recently supported a decommissioning project for Maersk Decom, delivering recycling rates of 100%. John Lawrie’s role was for the provision of onshore dismantling and recycling services for wellhead protection structures and wellheads recovered from the Thames field.

John Lawrie’s experienced decommissioning team performed initial downsizing of the structures by oxy-propane hot cutting. The downsized sections were then transported to John Lawrie’s licenced facility in Aberdeen for full processing to enable recycling of both the metal and concrete with a recycling rate of 100% being achieved. 

It’s part of John Lawrie’s ethos to maximise the opportunity to reuse or recycle materials in order to minimise disposal. Working directly with Operators, Tier 1 contractors or other waste management companies, the company’s expertise and experience lies in the onshore downsizing, deconstruction, processing, reuse and recycling of a wide range of subsea materials.

With a clear focus on minimsing waste, pollution and consumption of finite resources, improving sustainability, reducing environmental impacts and cutting carbon emissions, John Lawrie is a keen advocate of the circular economy, being awarded the Scottish Business Environment Vibes Award in 2017.

The company currently has strategically located licensed facilities in Aberdeen, Shetland, Evanton and Montrose, as well as the addition of a new quayside facility in Dundee opening in 2020, bringing a combined annual licensed tonnage to 360,000 tonnes. 

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