The Oil & Gas Technology Centre (OGTC) has launched a 'Call for Ideas' to find innovative technology concepts that will have a material impact in reducing the cost of subsea decommissioning.

They have focused on six main subsea decommissioning themes:

  1. Preparation for decommissioning (e.g. planning / comparative assessment)
  2. De-energising
  3. Innovative decommissioning solutions incl. net environmental benefit
  4. Re-use / repurposing opportunities
  5. Transportation
  6. Managing residual Liability

Your technology ideas should actively support our ‘Innovative Removals and Residual Liability’ initiatives, which can be found here.

OGTC would like to encourage alternative thinking and application of scientific knowledge to quantifying the ecosystem services provided by infrastructure in the marine environment.

While technology is often thought of as widgets and cutting tools, the technology they are looking for also includes digital technologies and the application of skills and scientific research/knowledge to achieving a real-world objective such as reducing environmental impact from any marine activity, while conforming with current regulations.

Step 1

Download the ‘Call for Ideas’ info, which includes a full description of our six themes, this can be found here. 

Step 2

Register on the Ideas Portal to submit an idea:


Want to know more?

More information on the 'Calls for Ideas' process can be found here or check out our Decommissioning Solution Centre page.

If you have any questions, please email

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