When Decom North Sea’s Late Life Planning Portal (L2P2) was first envisaged, the mission was to provide assistance to teams when identifying, scheduling and prioritising the key decisions that need to be made in preparation for decommissioning.

This was to be delivered through the capture and sharing of good practices, learnings, and the effective management of risks and opportunities associated with decommissioning projects and programmes.

These principles have not changed, and for a young market sector there continues to be benefit from sharing good practices, lessons and enabling processes.

The members of the steering group and the workstream champions responsible for reviewing and screening material for inclusion have voluntarily given up their time in order to ensure that the material is relevant and well-articulated. The website now carries a number of useful tools and lessons along with the overarching framework that documents and illustrates the challenges and, in particular, the decisions required across the decommissioning planning timeframe.

The website has been operational since August 2016, thanks to considerable support from Scottish Enterprise. in addition, both the OGA and OPRED clearly see L2P2 as a useful steer on preparation and engagement, and as a key enabler to improve project planning. 

We have now assessed user feedback and the webpage usage statistics since August 2016. From these, and an analysis of the tools and lessons learnt submissions to date, we have been able to identify a number of improvements and enhancements we would like to implement to enhance overall user experience. We have recognised from the users’ feedback that navigation around the site could be improved and better explained. We are therefore in the process of developing briefing content, in the form of short 45 second videos, to assist with site familiarisation and usage.

Furthermore, it has become clear that there is merit in accessing a number of additional content categories, such as historic examples of project documentation and regulatory submissions. To facilitate this, we are building a new landing page that will provide better direction to these different categories.

Finally, we have also recognised that the submission process for content can be streamlined, and the necessary changes for this are now underway. This will reduce the workload on those proposing processes, good practices and lessons for potential inclusion, as well as the workstream champions and quality assurers.

L2P2 has become, and will continue to be, a valuable resource of decommissioning knowledge and experience. We look forward to increasing utilisation of the website and its materials as the volume of information available increases.

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