Ardent has been awarded the ISO14001:2015 certificate for the environmental part of its management system by Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance under UKAS accreditation.

“It took us nearly one year to accomplish the ISO 14001 certification,” said Dave Stam, Ardent HSEQ Manager. “We are now the only global maritime services and salvage company with both ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications for the full salvage and decommissioning scope,” said Stam.

The ISO 14001 certification sets environmental management system criteria for organizations. The certification is granted when companies can demonstrate that they conform to high standards to limit their impact and protect the environment.

Ardent was also able to fit the Fluvius Tamar wreck removal operation in the North Sea into the certification audit process to show the viability of its environmental management policies in practice.

“We formalized a lot of sustainability practices during the implementation phase, but it was a smooth process. Our employees easily adjusted to new policies, and there was no major culture change needed; the environmental mentality was there from day one,” said Stam.

“Traditional salvage focuses on maximizing profit margins from individual salvage operations,” said Peter Pietka, Ardent CEO. “Our business model focuses on long-term healthy client relationships, being a loss-mitigation partner, and placing our priority on sustainable operations,” said Pietka

Ardent’s business model focuses on long-term environmental sustainability, incident prevention and minimizing incident impact through preparation.

“The first things that we assess during incidents are: one, environmental impacts; and 2, client property recovery,” said Pietka. “Environmental management has been a part of the company’s culture from the beginning, and getting the ISO14001 certification was always our plan,” he added.

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