A new project delivery alternative for North Sea operators and asset owners launches today in Aberdeen. FOS Group is an experienced, agile, lean and integrated engineering business focussed on delivering projects more economically, more efficiently and providing a faster return to customers by challenging the industry norm while being expert and responsible.

Combining the engineering knowledge of Apollo and the offshore construction expertise of AquaTerra allows clients to access an alternative EPC delivery organisation over incumbent conventional firms. The company is led by Jonathan White, Managing Director, who said:

“There is a truly authentic drive at FOS to help shape and build a more sustainable and responsible North Sea economy. We are offering solutions which are technically led and fit for purpose, thus giving our clients maximum value and an earlier return on investment.”

“FOS combines more than 20 years of experience from its founding organisations and our clients can immediately access over 100 multidiscipline onshore engineering and design personnel along with over 150 multiskilled offshore construction workers. We have the capacity to execute scopes across the whole project lifecycle including procurement and fabrication ensuring safe and appropriate installed solutions on, below and above deck.”

FOS’s activity in its market over the next 12 months will aim to generate substantial growth whilst allowing operators access to significant cost savings over traditional providers. It is expected that over 100 new positions will be created through this activity.

Mr White concluded by saying “The North Sea needs new solutions to enable sustainability whilst continuing to provide value for operators, supply chain, government and the local economy alike.

FOS represents an exciting opportunity for our staff and clients and provides the market with a welcome alternative for successful project delivery in a mature basin”.

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