NESSIE is an adaptable crane, capable of surrounding an object and lifting from below like a forklift or floating over an object and lifting from above like a gantry crane.

Since the ocean is a 3-dimensional world, we don’t have to get over the top of every pick, we already are. Any subsea equipment regardless of size is an easy target. Jackets are no exception they are just larger and require more thought as to how you will rig them and what it will take to rotate them in a safe way.  

Built in any shipyard.  This low-cost hull combined with readily available lifting gear and a dynamic mooring system allow us to perform most types of lifts associated with an oil field.  

This short video is a glimpse into a topside and jacket decommissioning. To protect our intellectual property, we have taken a certain artistic license.  Our task as we saw it was to move a rig into shallow water.

As usual, the rig will need preparation for the lift.  We can deposit the topsides and jacket on the barge of our choice for transport or in some cases move them with NESSIE as seen in this animation. There is a great deal more to this project than we can fit into a short animation but feel free to ask question and make comments. Some comments so far have been excellent.

We feel we have a decom solution and are at the point of finding resources to build a vessel.  We have reasonable shipyard costs for a UK build, they are about 4 times as much as the quotes we have from Chinese yards.  They say 14 months for a build.

As you will see from our bio we are open to collaboration.  We will need to outfit these vessels with all manner of equipment.  If you are a supplier, now is a good time to make yourself known to us.  If you have an interest in joining our team, please don’t hesitate, call today.  If you think you could be an end user, we are ready to make a deal and build a vessel. 

NESSIE is designed for the large, deep water rigs of the North Sea.  We also have a smaller design more suited to the southern areas, shallow water and lighter rigs.  Since NESSIE is scalable and we see no limits on how large a vessel we could build.

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