A consultation on a draft Scottish Energy Strategy, which sets out the Scottish Government’s vision for the future energy system in Scotland, to 2050 was published on 24 January 2017. It articulates the priorities for an integrated system-wide approach that considers both the use and the supply of energy for heat, power and transport. The Scottish Government are seeking views on the vision set out in the draft Energy Strategy and how we will seek to achieve this.

We are all consumers of energy and have a stake in determining the future energy system. The Scottish Government are seeking views on the vision for our future energy system and how we will seek to achieve this.

Choices about the local supply and consumption of energy are broadening, and our patterns of energy use are also changing. There are exciting opportunities to shape our future energy system, and to help tackle the challenges of climate change, affordability of energy, and the efficiency of our energy use.

The choices we make about energy are among the most important decisions we face. The supply of safe, reliable energy underpins the continued growth of the Scottish economy and delivery of key services. Our energy industry provides high quality jobs and a vibrant climate for innovation. Affordable energy provision is a prerequisite for healthy, fulfilling living and productive, competitive business. Scotland’s climate ambitions underpin the priorities laid out in this draft strategy consultation, determined by Scotland’s Climate Change Act.

Alongside the draft Strategy, the Scottish Government are consulting on a draft Onshore Wind Policy Statement; Scotland’s Energy Efficiency Programme; and Local Heat and Energy Efficiency Strategies, and Regulation of District Heating, and Unconventional Oil and Gas.

These consultations provide focus on specific areas of the energy system and complement the consultation on the draft Energy Strategy.

For details and to download the consultation document

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