The University of Edinburgh is an important partner in innovation, supporting growth and competitiveness for industry around the world. Edinburgh Research and Innovation (ERI), the gateway to engaging with the University of Edinburgh’s world class research and expertise, has announced a new AIMday® (Academic Industry Meeting day).

AIMday Energy at the University of Edinburgh is a one-day event designed to bring organisations, who have a challenge relating to the energy theme, together with multi-disciplinary researchers in order to find pathways to possible solutions.

The energy sector is undergoing a process of change driven by the acceleration of new technology and as it continues to reinvent itself, the need for innovative and disruptive technology continues to rise. The opportunities are infinite and at AIMday Energy researchers will tackle individual questions and challenges posed by companies looking to harness the latest research outputs and expertise.

This latest AIMday will allow companies to submit a question or commercial challenge around any aspect of Energy from Renewables, Oil & Gas, Energy storage, Decommissioning and Disruptive Technologies. Each participating company will meet with the academics in a one-hour face to face workshop, to discuss possible pathways and novel approaches to a solution, with the emphasis being on generating innovative ideas to meet today’s challenges using a multi-disciplinary approach. Ian Sharp, ERI’s Head of Marketing and Engagement, said; “AIMday provides an effective and focussed way for companies to meet with relevant, world leading experts from Edinburgh to discuss innovative approaches to the challenges faced today.

This is the 10th AIMday that we have organised at the University of Edinburgh, and the initiative is proving to be successful for all parties involved.” In 2014, The University of Edinburgh became the first higher academic institute outside Scandinavia to be approved as hosts for AIMday® – a unique collaborative knowledge exchange initiative that began life at Uppsala University in Sweden. This latest AIMday will be held on the 27th June 2017 at the John McIntyre Conference Centre (JMCC), Pollock Halls site, The University of Edinburgh.

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