Scottish Enterprise is seeking applicants for the Oil & Gas - Future Industry Leaders Programme and would like your support to identify and encourage suitable candidates to apply, either from your own organisation or through your contact networks.

The programme has been designed to:

  • Improve industry performance through collaboration and a step change in industry behaviour
  • Embed leadership behaviours, shared values and principles
  • Support lasting and sustainable change in the oil and gas sector

All of which will help deliver a safe, competitive and enduring future for Scotland’s oil and gas sector. 

Applicants should:

  • Be forward-thinking, capable and determined individuals
  • Currently hold a managerial, supervisory or senior technical role
  • Be people who are passionate about the future of the sector

If you know someone in your organisation or network with the potential to drive positive industry change, we encourage you to support them to apply.

Organisation Benefits

  • Offer high potential employees the chance to develop their leadership capability
  • Have a relevant organisational challenge/opportunity addressed
  • Build collaborative networks with high performing industry peers across the supply chain
  • Identify your organisation as sector-leading and forward-thinking
  • Download Information for Decision Makers

Attendee Benefits 

  • Develop leadership skills and build capacity to embed cultural change
  • Take time out from current demands to concentrate on leading as well as managing
  • Develop a strong network with other ambitious future industry leaders
  • Resolve business, leadership and industry challenges with fresh perspective
  • Download Information for Applicants

Programme Outline

  • Leadership Retreat: 27th - 30th Sept & 3rd – 6th Oct
  • Venue: Douneside House, Aberdeenshire
  • 3 Leadership Coaching Sessions (1-1): Oct/Nov/Dec
  • Leadership Learning Circle: January 2017

Attendees will address their current organisational/leadership challenge throughout the programme.


Applicants should work for an organisation in the Scottish Enterprise region. Their potential as an industry leader should be supported by a senior leader within their organisation. This is expected to be a popular programme, so the organisational challenge proposed by the applicant, along with their senior leader’s supporting statement, will be used to select candidates in the event of over-subscription. A maximum of 2 employees per company will be selected to attend the same programme.

The applicant’s organisation will need to authorise and fund £1575 +VAT (this per-person cost includes meals and retreat accommodation). This reduced price can be offered to attendees of the Programme, as it has been funded by Scottish Enterprise to support the oil and gas sector in light of global market conditions.

For Information for Applicants and to Apply visit (Download Application Form)

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