With the current low oil price many companies both large and small are being forced to make cut backs however, recent UK start up pipe cleaning company, Pipetech, is bucking the trend with the introduction of new, innovative technology.

The Tool for Pressurised Systems (TPS) has been designed and patented by the 20 strong specialist firm. The function of the TPS, which works in conjunction with their unique Aqua Milling® system is to enable them to remove all scale and contaminates from a range of pipework, in a pressurised environment.

Pipetech’s specialist engineers identified the need for a reliable double-block and bleed pressure retaining device with an emergency shear valve and hose grab to enable them to carry out additional cleaning work in systems up to 60 bar g. The TPS  enables the Aqua Milling® system  to reach up to 600 meters in a pressurised system.

Lindsay Young, Managing Director for Pipetech has said the company is continuing to focus on developing enhancements to our technologies which add value to our customers.said: “It is a difficult time in the industry, as we all know, but we are continuing to invest in the company having recently launched our new website and now a new patent protected product. 

“The launch of the TPS is great for Pipetech as it furthers our existing product offering. It will be a benefit to many of our customers as it can be used outwith shutdowns and reduce downtime.

Lindsay added: “Our Aqua Milling® technology is often the only method of cleaning complex pipework systems from a single entry point. Together with the enhanced online capability of the TPS it will reduce costs and increase productivity.” 

Pipetech is a specialist company which uses advanced technologies to remove deposits and scale from pipes and process equipment.

Pipetech’s specialist remotely operated technologies are efficient and produce high level results. They only uses water in cleaning, eliminating the need for environmentally damaging chemicals during the processes. By avoiding the use of hand-held lances Pipetech also removes one of the major safety hazards.

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