A leading safety training firm is working together with Airbus Helicopters to help heighten safety in North Sea helicopter operations.  

Falck Safety Services UK (Falck), which currently has 32 training centres across the world, opened its doors to leading rotorcraft manufacturer Airbus Helicopters, providing use of its safety training pool and helicopter immersion simulator, to carry out underwater trials on the updated safety features within Airbus Helicopters’ cabins.

Airbus Helicopters carried out a number of trials at Falck’s Aberdeen training centre, including tests and demonstrations on newly installed grab handles, as well as other safety equipment incorporated into the cabin. 

Under the scope of its Safety Partnership initiative, the rotorcraft firm is working on a variety of safety and survivability updates to aircraft cabins. The initiative was launched to help bring together Airbus Helicopters’ efforts to implement and improve safety practices and standards in close cooperation with operators and industry. While the partnership is an Airbus Helicopters initiative, it provides a collaborative and constructive framework for all involved parties to exchange and implement safety best practices.

Andrew Dettl, North Sea fleet centre site and customer support director at Airbus Helicopters UK, said: “Under Airbus Helicopters’ Safety Partnership initiative, in cooperation with the offshore workforce, we are constantly looking at ways of improving safety. In teaming up with Falck, our aircraft will benefit from Falck’s best-in-class expertise, helping to further improve levels of safety above and beyond current industry standards. These trials involved some quite demanding escape exercises and I’d like to thank the workforce volunteers who have helped us optimise the design of the new features.” 

Managing director of Falck Safety Services UK, Colin Leyden, said: “Safety is imperative for today’s offshore workforce and we are delighted to support the Airbus Helicopters team with this project. It’s important that all companies are one step ahead introducing and improving on new safety features and equipment and Falck are always looking at new ways to improve and invest in facilities, equipment and alternative training methods. Listening to feedback from the offshore workforce is key in the decision making process, and similar to Airbus Helicopters, we share that same mantra when creating and developing new training programmes. We were delighted to work with the Airbus Helicopters team by providing expert safety advice and support from our knowledgeable instructors to allow Airbus Helicopters to move forward with the introduction of their new equipment. 

“As a leading training provider within the industry, it is about going above and beyond what is required to instil confidence and trust within your customers and in turn their offshore workforce.”   

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