Air Liquide has unveiled its latest quad innovation for the oil and gas market, Quad+, is a groundbreaking technology that will bring significant benefits to the offshore market for well services, construction and diving sectors of the oil and gas industry worldwide. 

Quad+ will significantly reduce logistics costs, maximise deck space and improve the efficiency of operations due to a number of technical developments that will deliver an increased volume of gas with up to twice the capacity of current quads supplied in the industry. 

The Quad+ structure has been built to the same size footprint as existing quads, but completely redesigned using materials that will minimize corrosion in an offshore environment. Its modern design is user-friendly with an easy-to-handle ‘on/off’ lever and clearly labelled user panel. 

Safety is critical and Quad+ is compliant with a number of certifications that go beyond industry regulatory requirements. Among a number of safety features it includes shock-resistant design, immediate gas cut off and a built-in pressure reducer. 

Jean-Baptiste Ripart, Managing Director of Air Liquide’s Oil and Gas Services worldwide Business commented: “The launch of Quad+ combines our years of knowledge as a global leader in gas supply, with a real understanding of the market. We have gone to extra lengths to ensure that Quad+ goes beyond minimum industry safety requirements and responds to a need for the industry to deliver improved performance and efficiencies across all operations.”

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