In early July 2016 at a meeting in Aberdeen, Imenco UK Ltd signed an agency agreement with Tokyo Sangyo Co Ltd for the promotion and sales of all Imenco products into the Japanese geographic region. The agreement covers all aspects of the Oil and Gas and Renewable Energy sectors.

Tokyo Sangyo Co Ltd identified Imenco as one of the critical North Sea OEM organisations that could support their efforts on behalf of the Japanese Government’s aspiration of moving away from reliance on Nuclear Energy to other forms of sustainable power.

Commenting on the agency agreement Mr Ichiro Ito, Executive Director, Managing Officer of Tokyo Sangyo said “The territory of Japan is narrow. However, we are surrounded by the sea which is rich in abundant natural resources including Methane Hydrate and marine species and it has been recognized in the international law of Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) as the sixth largest maritime power in the world. We hope that the advanced technology and long-term experience of Imenco in the field of Subsea will contribute to the development of marine energy and valuable resources in Japan”.

Andrew Boddice, Imenco’s UK Area Sales Manager said “Imenco has spent the last 36 years supporting subsea installation, maintenance and repair activities worldwide. It gives us great pleasure to offer our support to Tokyo Sangyo as they develop processes and procedures for installing offshore equipment in Japanese territorial waters. Imenco’s high quality equipment is ideally suited to delivering cost effective results to the end customer”. 

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