Introducing Trading Inventory Online – much more than an auction site, it’s the new sales portal released by Agentis Materials Data Management Solutions Ltd.

Agentis MDMS Ltd are specialists in materials inventory data management and document handling.  Helping clients to review the way materials data is captured to ensure maximum efficiency and minimal inventory wastage.

For decades and across all industries globally, companies buy inventory to allow their business to make money. Unfortunately, over time store rooms and warehouses start to collect stock that was incorrectly ordered, not used, duplicated or just forgotten about.

Excess inventory can also come from mergers and acquisitions, office expansions and closures as well as actual business closures.  Unfortunately, there appears to be a distinct lack of an easy to use, cost effective outlet to move the excess inventory - until now!

So what’s the benefits of selling excess inventory?

  • Release ‘locked-in’ capital
  • Reducing inventory housing costs
  • Reducing administrative expenses
  • Reduction in insurance expenses 
  • Reduction in material handling costs
  • Reduction in Accounting costs

Today, you can quickly, easily and effectively sell your excess inventory to someone else who needs it - locally or globally! Source urgent items from other side of the globe to support your global operations! Sell the items for a fixed price in your own company store on the portal or list them as an auction item to get the best price agreed between both buyer and seller.  There is even a bulk listing facility enabling sellers to quickly upload large listing quantities.

No matter where in the world you are, you can use this portal to get back some of the money you thought your never would or could.

With this new addition, Agentis MDMS Ltd offers a full end-to-end service in regards to analysing, reporting, standardising and optimising materials data and documentation and providing an easy and extremely cost effective way to sell on excess stock.

You can sign up free and start listing items free at  Sales transaction fees are between 0.75% - 3% dependent on item sales value.  When you consider current online auction sites will charge 10% on each sales transaction you can see why Trading Inventory Online is the only online alternative in this arena.

Join the revolution in streamlining inventory management and releasing tied up capital. Re-invest in your company where it’s really needed with Agentis MDMS and Trading Inventory Online - TODAY

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