Nexen has confirmed that the Buzzard oilfield, which plays a crucial role in global crude pricing exports, was shut down on Thursday after a technical glitch.

The company confirmed that a “controlled shutdown took place on the Buzzard installation, following a process upset”.

A spokesperson furthered, “We are continuing to inspect and monitor the situation on the platform as per our normal procedures.”

“Normal operations are expected to resume, once all checks have been completed.”

The Buzzard installation was shutdown earlier this year due to a power outage.

Buzzard, the UK’s largest oilfield, is the single biggest contributor to the Forties crude stream, one of the four crudes underpinning the price of dated Brent.

It contributes on average 170,000-180,000 barrels per day.

Buzzard History

The Buzzard field came on stream in 2007 and was developed by three bridge-linked steel platforms supporting the wellhead facilities (W), production facilities (P), platform supporting living quarters and utilities (UQ) and a fourth oil-stripper platform (PS).

The wellhead platform, a four-leg jacket, features an integrated deck with conductors and wellhead trees. The production platform , also a four-leg jacket, has fluid processing equipment, water injection pumps and gas compressors. The UQ platform supports an integrated deck and living quarters, lifeboats, helideck and seawater lift pumps. In September 2010, a fourth platform was installed at the field. The platform features a 6,500t deck and bridge structure supported by a 3,500t jacket.

Buzzard Facts

190km – the total distance drilled. This distance is from Uxbridge, UK to Calais, France.

Every day Buzzard’s daily energy output could charge the entire world’s smart phones 19 times over.

The weight of the platform is equal to that of 350 blue whales.

500 million barrels – this volume is equivalent to 706,622 double decker buses; 31,798 Olympic swimming pools.

500 million barrels of oil could power a car from here to the sun and back.

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