JBS Group Peterhead has announced the availability of its first “Sea-Axe” at Peterhead Harbour as it continues to expand its Subsea division.

The multi-purpose controlled flow excavation tool completed its first successful wet trials earlier this year, and the company hopes it will “shape the future of seabed excavation.”

Sea-Axe is based on tried and tested mass flow principles, but with modern technical enhancements and a new patented chamber for added stabilisation. With the use of an Inverter Impeller, the Sea-Axe can operate in shallower water work scopes as well as standard and deeper operational procedures up to 500m.

Subsea Director, Alex Whyte, is confident that the equipment will have a positive effect on business.

He said: “This new tool will be a welcome and timely introduction to the current market place.

“Not only because of its ability, power and controllability but because of its modern advanced build and compact size. Sea-Axe will be an asset on any seabed work scope be it IRM, pre or post trenching, deburial, Inspection and access project work to name but a few.

“The saving on deck space and vessel time combined with the simple method of operation, speed, power and competitiveness is going to make it a winner.”

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