TRADEBE are delighted to announce two acquisitions in the UK: Solvents with Safety Ltd (SWS) and Scotoil Services Ltd.

SWS is one of the leading distributors of packaged virgin and recovered solvents in the UK. From their operating facilities in Harworth, Doncaster, SWS offer a complete solution from solvent sales to blending and waste collection. In 2013 SWS distributed in excess of 7,500 tonnes of solvents, with total revenues of £7.7M, and employ 35 people.

Scotoil is the leading provider of specialist environmental process and disposal services to the UK oil and gas industry. Based next to Aberdeen Harbour, Scotoil provides efficient services to all of the UK operators, drilling, and service contractors covering equipment specialised decontamination, on and off-shore Radiological Protection Supervision (RPS) services and sales, repair and calibration of radiological instrumentation. Scotoil revenues in 2013 were over £8M and employ 54 people.

The SWS acquisition enhances their presence within the European solvent market, whilst Scotoil increases their offerings to the oil and gas industry. Overall, their position as UK leading providers of hazardous waste treatment, disposal and resource recovery services has further been reinforced with revenues in excess of £100M, 27 operating facilities and 825 employees.

Tradebe is a leading company in industrial waste management services in the UK, Spain and the US, with subsidiaries in France and Brazil. Operates 72 treatment facilities distributed across Spain (25), United Kingdom (27), United States (17), France (2) and Brazil (1).

In 2013 total revenues reached 393 MEUR (311M GBP), employing in excess of 2,000 people worldwide.

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