At the Millennium Corniche Hotel in Abu Dhabi on 09 November 2014 Imenco and Indepth-International successfully held their first 'in-area' marketing and promotional event aimed at decision makers and product users in the UAE and wider Middle East oil, LPG and defence markets.

Management teams from both companies were delighted to be in attendance answering a wide variety of product and technical questions from the floor.

The morning and afternoon events allowed existing and potential customers to engage 'hands-on' with a range of Imenco mechanical and electronic products. Of particular interest to participants were the Imenco ROV operated semi-automatic shackles, Imenco subsea cameras, especially low light and HD options, and the new SEA LED 300 and 300L light ranges. Participants could see immediate use for all of these items in local and international markets and projects. Engagement on the day led to quotations being requested for a variety of Imenco products to fulfil and meet existing project deadlines along with meeting requests in the following days to discuss how Imenco products and services could assist in resolving project challenges.

Imenco and Indepth-International's critical product marketing messages were readily grasped by the audiences. Every Imenco product is designed with safety and ease of use in mind, saving boat time and increasing cost efficiencies for the operator. All Imenco electronic products carry a unique 3 year warranty. Technical questions and options were discussed openly at the events with several customer seeing answers to existing projects including local decommissioning issues.

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