SUT Workshop Agenda

Thursday 7th October


Society for Underwater Technology (SUT)

& Marine Alliance for Science and Technology for Scotland (MASTS)

Decommissioning & Wreck Removal Workshop Agenda


Decommissioning, Spatial Custodianship and the Climate Emergency:           


How do we achieve joined up policies?


Thursday 7th October 2021



09:30     Karen Seath, Chair, SUT Decommissioning & Wreck Removal Committee



               Nick Owens, Director, Scottish Association of Marine Science (SAMS)

               Setting the Scene: Challenges of the Climate Emergency and Biodiversity Loss


Session 1: Charting our route for Sustainable Decom: Offshore infrastructure - The Reuse & Emissions challenge

09:50     Chair: Kate Gormley, Research Fellow, University of Aberdeen


               Ian Fozdar, Infrastructure Re-purposing Manager UK, Oil & Gas Authority (OGA)  

               Decommissioning Strategy update and Repurposing of Offshore Infrastructure


               Charlotte Stamper, Sector Manager – Energy Infrastructure, Zero Waste Scotland (ZWS)    

               We need to talk about steel: The true carbon cost of decommissioning                   


               Abigail Davies, PhD Student, National Decommissioning Centre/University of Aberdeen            

               Decommissioning Emissions from Reuse Options



10:50     Wrap up


Session 2: Impact of Decommissioning: Checking the scientific evidence and reporting on progress

11:05     Chair: Sally Rouse, Offshore Energy Environmental Advice Group Leader, Marine Scotland


               Alireza Maheri, Reader in Mechanical Engineering, University of Aberdeen                           

               A Decision Support System for Decommissioning of Offshore Windfarms


               Joshua Lawrence, Research Fellow, University of Aberdeen           

               Using an un-crewed surface vessel to survey fish around man-made structures


               Dickon Howell, Director, Howell Marine Consultants

               INSITE Synthesis update: Independent scientific consensus on the ecological role(s) of           installing, operating and removing man-made structures in the sea



12:15     Wrap up


Session 3: Paradigm shifts with State-of-the-Art Technology

13:00     Chair: Moya Crawford, Chair, SUT International Salvage & Decommissioning Committee


               Moya Crawford, Managing Director, D’Arcy Thompson Simulator Centre (DTSC)

               Mark Lawrence, Lead Digital Services, Waves Group

               Seeing is believing - Making the paradigm shift from 2D to 4D, using Simulation and Virtual   Reality


               Alan Thompson, Government Affairs, Skyrora     

               Environmentally Responsible Launch


               Daniel Jones, Associate Head Ocean BioGeosciences, National Oceanography Centre (NOC)

               Autonomous Techniques for anthropogenic Structure Ecological Assessment


               Discussion and Q&A

14:30     Wrap up


Session 4: The Big Bang Theory - Are negative perceptions of the use of explosives correct?

14:45     Chair: Alison Brand, Chair XCOM (Explosives Committee)/Managing Director, Manta                Environmental

               Introduction to XCOM and Brief update on EDGAR (Explosives use in Decom, Guide for          Assessment of Risk)


               Mike Elliott, Chair in Estuarine & Coastal Sciences, University of Hull                       

               To blow or not to blow, that is the question: The use of explosives and the alternatives in           decommissioning marine infrastructure


               Discussion and Q&A


15:40     Dave Paterson, CEO, Marine Alliance for Science and Technology for Scotland (MASTS)              

               Wrap up and Closing remarks.


15:50     Workshop Close




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Salvage, Decommissioning and Wreck Removal 07 Oct 21 09.30 - 16.00 Online

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