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Improving production efficiency across the UKCS is a major focus for industry. Production efficiency performance has been particularly poor in recent years, reaching a low point of 60% in 2012 and averaging at 71% in 2015*. Combined with reduced oil prices, this has been damaging to economic outcomes at a company and basin-wise level. Consequently, the drive has been to increase performance across the whole range of planning and operational activities, to deliver efficiency improvements. In this context, advancing the use of relevant data and analytics tools could make a further contribution to improvements in efficiency and enhance economic performance of assets.

ITF are delighted to announce that the next ITF Innovation Network Tech Talk, 'Digital Solutions to improve Production Efficiency' which looks at technology developments within the digital spectrum that look to improve efficiency and reduce costs.

They will hear from a number of technology developers, including Enkelt, Opex, RGU, PetroTechnics and Epitsemy who will showcase their innovative technologies and how they can assist with the industry's challenges. ITF will also hear from an operator who will give a key note presentation on data analytics and how digital solutions can transform the industry.

To view the agenda for the evening and to register online, please visit our website. Please note that spaces are limited. 


The Chester Hotel
Queens Road
AB15 4YP

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ITF Innovation Network Tech Talk - Digital Solutions to Improve Production Efficiency 21 Nov 17 17:00 - 20:00 Online

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