With the power generation capacity of offshore wind farms increasing exponentially over the past 20 years, subsea power cables have also increased in number to accommodate the transmission of this increasing supply. These cables are being installed in ever increasingly harsh environments and are susceptible to failure when their condition is allowed to deteriorate. The failure of these cables leads to down time of the wind turbines serviced by the cable and costly subsea repairs. Both the repairs and the downtime have the knock on effect of higher working capital requirements for the windfarm operator, which typically has to be financed and will have an interest cost associated with it which directly affects the return on investment of any project. In other words, it leads to a need to invest more for a smaller return.

In this webinar, Jee’s Head of Integrity Management, Grant Adam, will look at how an integrity management system for cables can prevent failure and maximise availability. Grant will discuss the structure and benefits of implementing a CIMS for your offshore assets and investigate the cost savings that can be experienced from implementing this system.

If you are involved in offshore windfarm operations and maintenance then this webinar is an absolute must. 

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Jee - Webinar - Development of a Cable Integrity Management System (CIMS) 01 Mar 17 14:00 - 15:00 Online

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