Does your company want some of the UK’s leading researchers tackling your challenges related to Energy?

AIMday® Energy is a meeting focused on identifying opportunities for innovation between companies/organisations and researchers in one hour workshops. The meeting brings new perspectives to industry challenges by matching them with multi-disciplinary research expertise.

The University of Edinburgh has a wealth of theoretical and practical knowledge available to companies involved in the Energy sector, from Low Carbon Energy sources (including wind, wave, tidal, solar, hydrogen, nuclear, and biomass) through to Oil and Gas and offshore  decommissioning. Developing, applying and delivering new technologies and materials to commercial challenges in this sector is a key strength of the University.

What AIMday Energy offers:

  • Meet company representatives to discuss opportunities for innovation
  • Learn about industry’s needs for new knowledge and competence in your area of expertise.
  • Discuss collaborations in various forms (e.g. joint programmes, commissioned research, and PhD programmes)
  • Make contacts within industry that might lead to future collaborations.
  • Meet researchers across departmental borders to discuss issues of common interest


Pollock Halls, The University of Edinburgh

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AIMday Energy 2017 27 Jun 17 00:00 - 00:00 Online

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