This 3 day course presents an excellent introduction to well plug and abandonment methodologies to address the Oil and Gas industry‚Äôs increasing P&A challenges. The course teaches oil and gas industry professionals about plug and abandonment operations; including P&A regulations and guidelines, step by step P&A process, P&A project optimization and the value of fit for purpose P&A engineering design and integrated P&A operations. The comprehensive course structure includes the following topics: 

  • Regional Regulations and Operator Standards
  • Subsea Well Structure and Well Access Systems 
  • Subsea Well Construction and Infrastructure 
  • Vessels and Well Access Systems 
  • Platform/Subsea Well Abandonment 
  • Lower and Upper Well Abandonment 
  • Subsea Wellhead Removal 
  • Integrated Well P&A Operations 
  • Activity: Group Project P&A Scenarios 
Learn to: 

  • Explain the regulations, guidelines and phases involved in a P&A project. 
  • Describe different well structures and the equipment required to access the well 
  • Solve common P&A challenges through an understanding of the P&A process for specific types of wells 
  • Discuss the service company and operator project optimization best practices to improve the efficiency of P&A projects. 

Course Length: 3 days



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Baker Hughes - Well Plug and Abandonment Training 21 - 23 Feb 17 07:00 - 17:00 Online

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