Challenging convention for cost optimisation

The growing decommissioning activity in the North Sea is forecast to cost £47 billion, with asset decommissioning representing a significant financial commitment for operators. In order to reduce this commitment, there is an inherent need to challenge the way that decommissioning has been performed to date. This half-day workshop will address the requirements for pipeline cleaning in preparation for decommissioning, highlighting the cost saving opportunities available.

The workshop will look in general terms at challenges to pipeline cleaning in the decommissioning phase, how these challenges can be overcome and ways to optimise cleaning activities to improve value and reduce cost. For example, cleaning using pigs, though effective, can be very costly if the pipeline requires subsea launch or receipt facilities and thus the session will look at methods of challenging conventional assumptions on acceptable cleanliness levels and as-left condition. The session will then move into an open forum where specific issues within delegate decommissioning operations can be discussed within the group. This will be supplemented by project-specific case studies and facilitator experience.

Jee is a leading independent subsea engineering and training company with significant project experience in pipeline pigging and asset decommissioning. The workshop will be led and facilitated by Graham Wilson, Head of Late Life, and Paul Otway, Head of Pigging, who lead Jee’s decommissioning and pigging teams respectively.


Skene House Hotel, Rosemount

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Jee - Workshop - Pipeline Cleaning for decommissioning 27 Sep 16 09:30 - 14:00 Online

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