Collaboration has been a consistent industry theme since the publication of Sir Ian Wood’s UKCS Maximising Economic Recovery Review. The second series of our UKCS Showcases, will now focus on the changing landscape of the oil and gas supply chain by outlining how operators and the supply chain are beginning to collaborate and what is needed for successful collaboration and how far have we come on the path to working collaboratively.

This breakfast briefing will bring together a panel of operators, supply chain companies and relevant professional bodies from across the UKCS & Gas sector to discuss the opportunities around this topic. 

Learn from industry collaboration success stories; operator/contractors and inter-supply chain. The companies will outline their recent effective collaborations in the UKCS, providing an insight to key learnings and top tips for effective collaboration.

To register interest in this event contact: Julia Harte


Norwood Hall

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EIC - Sector Showcase: Working Alliances: Collaboration in Action 25 Aug 16 00:00 - 00:00 Online

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